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Post by Admin on Sat Jul 16, 2011 12:01 pm

Welcome to Melbourne Finest Music Forum.

The aim of this forum is to make Melbourne's music easily accessible for everyone.

General Rules of the forum are that all members must be civil towards each other, no one is to get abused on the forum for what tracks they post up or what they do, us (MF Team) the administrators and moderators of the forum, so let us be the judge of how we approach certain situations.
If you believe an incident towards yourself or another member is occurring and want us to take action, please just message us.

Being Melbourne music producers/djs ourselves (MF Team), we understand several things:
- We want access to common and public songs.
- We want our own music heard.
- We want a place we can get together with others and talk music.
That's why we made these forums.

All tracks in the library (with the exclusion of the unreleased section) are tracks found openly in the internet, however may be difficult to locate their URLs.
We are providing a service which allows the organization of such music files for people to download, as well as share some tracks they have.
So you could say we are only making it easier for the general public to find their favorite Minimal Music.

In regards to the 'Exclusive Section', see the topic regarding it.

Enjoy searching and downloading tracks on this forum!



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