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Post by Admin Sat Jul 16, 2011 1:19 pm

The 'Exclusive Section' is where tracks that are hard-to-find/leaked/unreleased reside.

This section is hidden from regular users for the reason that regular users SHOULD NOT have this music for a reason.
This is because if every person had these songs, they would lose their appeal when played out in clubs, and could potentially damage Melbourne's music scene.
The section exists for people (top djs for example) who want to obtain the music to PLAY OUT AT CLUBS, rather then the regular person just wanting the song for their personal enjoyment.

The type of people who have access to this section are usually producers or djs themselves, who have access to unreleased music and can share them.
The people in the exclusive section are open and regular contributes who we are certain would not share and of the exclusive music to other people.

Members with access to this section are watched closely, and if any suspicious activity occurs (such as the leaking of a track, re-posting of a link, excessive download statistics, or members logging in from different IP addresses) then appropriate action is taken.

If you agree with all of the following and wish to apply for access to the unreleased section, then head over to the 'Request Access' section and read the sticky topics there for further details/instructions.

Thankyou, and I hope i haven't made the exclusive section sound daunting.


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